My Blogging begins...

This blog page was initially created for a graduate course, ETC...and as I ponder this adventure, it will also be a process to continue my professional growth and research as an educator in technology. Welcome along on my journey as I begin this next technological feat!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Practical Experience - GoAnimate

GoAnimate is one of the many web tools that allow people to create animation videos very easily.   My AR project is focusing on the isolation felt by EL students.  As a tool, I can see how children could create their own animation, following a rubric, and record their voices in English to tell the story.  I can then see them publishing their work to a class web site, and inviting others to view their work.  I think this could be an excellent tool.  My students would feel so successful as they create this project over time!

I did see that a group did do a wiki comparing GoAnimate and Pixton.  Their wiki said that this tool is free. I have tried it several times, but each time GoAnimate says that I have a balance.  I found this a bit frustrating because the options they give you are a bit misleading and the students will want to create characters with all the bells and whistles.  I am afraid that this may add to their frustrations as students.  I am not giving up though.  I will continue to explore the site, and others like it until I find the right tool.  I think the creative aspect of this tool will enable students to overcome some of their learning barriers.

**Notice I do not have arms or legs...too much money??!!  I need to keep on working on this one.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Practical Experience - GoAnimate

Here is a link to a very good intro to GoAnimate.  It is really fun to use and the kids will love it  

*This is not an example of the site, but it was fun to draw!

Practical Experience - GoAnimate

After reading several blogs, checking the wiki page, and seeing a few videos I got totally intrigued by this site.  I haven't had a chance to play with it, but I really am looking forward to using it.  I can already see some very good potential!  Thanks to those who have shared it with us.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A demo video of Google Drawing!

Here is a little Screenflow I did with a friend to see just how collaborative Google Drawing is.   I am still on the fence.  I see the potential and some possibilities, but I need to see the collaborative tool work more "real-time!"  Let me know what you think!

*Okay problem with upload.  Did it 4 times!  I'll post and try again.

Google Drawing as a collaborative tool!?

 When I first went to look up drawing in Google I found Google Sketchup.  While I posted a blog about that site it was downloading.  When it was done I found a great tool...if you were an architect or some designer in need of 3-D tool.  All day I thought about SketchUp, and how I could use it in my class. (Even though an elementary class did have an example!)  I just didn't see it working for me at this time.  Then through further research (and more thorough reading) I found Google Drawing.  Now this tool has possibility.  I have just played with it, and am still cogitating how to implement it.  Time will tell.  Below is a link to Google's demo page.  Try it and have fun!  I would love to hear others' ideas as how to use this tool.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Practical Experience - Google SketchUp

I will be doing my practical experience on Google SketchUp.  I just posted a blog about another drawing tool, SketchCast.  I saw this site when I was researching web 2.0 tools,  but it looked too advanced for my elementary students.  But with what Google does for us, the users, when I reread this assignment, I though, "Hey, check it out!"  So here I am, checking it out.  It is downloading...and boy it is taking a long time!  I think my Internet might be acting up.  I will be back when I have more information!

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In my AR project I am going to deal with the isolation that EL students feel when they come to school.  This is a very scary and lonely time for these children.  Even when they have siblings, there is a sense of tremendous isolation.  Through the use of technology I hope to alleviate these feelings, help them acquire English, and feel part of the community of their school. 

While doing my research I came across Sketchcast. It is a web-based program where you can draw pictures, but it is not just that.  You can draw, type, add voice-overs, publish to the web, and invite others to view your work.  Some of the examples are used for math, history, science, and language arts.  I feel for language acquisition this will be a great tool.  I plan on having the students create vocabulary cards to practice with using a translator on the web.  Then invite a fellow EL student to listen, read, and watch their classmates’ creations.  I also think that if I link this site to my collaboration tool, we can work together and play Pictionary! 

What excites me about this tool is that most of the children I teach have never been in a classroom.  So doing rote memory of letters and numbers adds to the stress they already feel.  Using a drawing tool will make learning the language fun (they may not even realize they are learning!) and they will not be alone.  They will do this with other students that are in the same situation.  I can not wait to utilize this tool in my classroom!



Sunday, September 12, 2010


Here's a little diddy about a pretty cool web 2.0 tool - Eluminate

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BP4_Google Wave

   Check out Google Wave !

The Web 2.0 tool that I found is Google Wave.  Google Wave is a great collaboration tool.  I plan on using it as a tool for my AR project.  My plan is to teach English to those students that are newcomers to our school district.  My hope is to help to be able to reach more students, and help them with the feeling of isolation that they maybe feeling.  I want to let them know that there are other students in our district feeling the same way.   I will be running small groups of second language learners at two school sites.  I need a tool that is not only interactive and collaborative, but instant.  What I like about Google Wave, and is different from other Web 2.0 tools, is that it allows everyone to see what is being written in real time.  Anyone can edit a page and can discuss right there on the page as well.  You do not need to wait for someone to click the "send" button. This feature is very much like Google Docs except Google Wave allows you to see who is adding information via an image or an avatar.  You can post public or private messages, replay previous waves, and create and manage groups.  It is an excellent tool to be able to facilitate learning at a distance.  (On a sad note, I have heard that Google Wave may go by the wayside, and I am trying to verify this.  Hopefully Google and others will realize what a great tool this is and keep it around.  I do have a backup tool though-!)

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

BP1_Google Reader

Google reader is a great tool to access and manage my favorite sites.  I can see everybody's blogs as they come in.  This tool will help me see what my peers are working on, manage my critical friends' Action Research sites, and read about my favorite topics!


This has been a great tool that I have been using since it was introduced to us at the beginning
of this program. I love the way it can look, and how I can organize my information.





Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My blogging begins...

As I begin this blogging experience, I have to say how confused I was with this process.  Usually technology comes easy to me, and after a few tries I am able to use the new tools that I have learned.  I get excited (I know geeky!) about new technology, and I am always thinking; "How can I use this?"  "I wish I had more time to get into this" "Blah, blah, blah!!!" "Hey, Babe, check it out!" (Okay not much of a life!). Point being, I love technology.  But this blog thing has really thrown me though. I feel like an idiot as I have plugged along this weary road.  I am hoping it is going to get better; I know it will!  I am enjoying everyone else's blogs.  They look great and are very insightful, so thanks for that.  I can't wait for mine to catch up.  Keep checking in and watch me evolve as a blogger!