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Monday, September 20, 2010

Google Drawing as a collaborative tool!?

 When I first went to look up drawing in Google I found Google Sketchup.  While I posted a blog about that site it was downloading.  When it was done I found a great tool...if you were an architect or some designer in need of 3-D tool.  All day I thought about SketchUp, and how I could use it in my class. (Even though an elementary class did have an example!)  I just didn't see it working for me at this time.  Then through further research (and more thorough reading) I found Google Drawing.  Now this tool has possibility.  I have just played with it, and am still cogitating how to implement it.  Time will tell.  Below is a link to Google's demo page.  Try it and have fun!  I would love to hear others' ideas as how to use this tool.

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