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Friday, September 24, 2010

Practical Experience - GoAnimate

GoAnimate is one of the many web tools that allow people to create animation videos very easily.   My AR project is focusing on the isolation felt by EL students.  As a tool, I can see how children could create their own animation, following a rubric, and record their voices in English to tell the story.  I can then see them publishing their work to a class web site, and inviting others to view their work.  I think this could be an excellent tool.  My students would feel so successful as they create this project over time!

I did see that a group did do a wiki comparing GoAnimate and Pixton.  Their wiki said that this tool is free. I have tried it several times, but each time GoAnimate says that I have a balance.  I found this a bit frustrating because the options they give you are a bit misleading and the students will want to create characters with all the bells and whistles.  I am afraid that this may add to their frustrations as students.  I am not giving up though.  I will continue to explore the site, and others like it until I find the right tool.  I think the creative aspect of this tool will enable students to overcome some of their learning barriers.

**Notice I do not have arms or legs...too much money??!!  I need to keep on working on this one.

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