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This blog page was initially created for a graduate course, ETC...and as I ponder this adventure, it will also be a process to continue my professional growth and research as an educator in technology. Welcome along on my journey as I begin this next technological feat!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Practical Experience - Google SketchUp

I will be doing my practical experience on Google SketchUp.  I just posted a blog about another drawing tool, SketchCast.  I saw this site when I was researching web 2.0 tools,  but it looked too advanced for my elementary students.  But with what Google does for us, the users, when I reread this assignment, I though, "Hey, check it out!"  So here I am, checking it out.  It is downloading...and boy it is taking a long time!  I think my Internet might be acting up.  I will be back when I have more information!

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