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This blog page was initially created for a graduate course, ETC...and as I ponder this adventure, it will also be a process to continue my professional growth and research as an educator in technology. Welcome along on my journey as I begin this next technological feat!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 1: Wimba

One facet of the class, and of our program, that I am excited about is the Publishing/Presentation Project that we are going to be doing.  I remember this being discussed or really just briefly mentioned in one of the first Wimba sessions way back when in Month 1.  Back then the project I had in mind was going to change education, (at least in my mind) where I teach, or so I had hoped, and I was thrilled to think that Full Sail would not only offer me the education I needed to complete my project, but also assist me in publishing or presenting it in a professional environment.  This was tremendous!  Unfortunately, my administrator last year is a dinosaur; my project changed, and has since been watered down.  I am not disheartened.  It was a learning tool for me, and my students also benefitted with the learning they had with the limited technology we had access to.  I had forgotten about this aspect of our education, so I look forward to see how and if I may be able to take this project to the next level.  And if not this project, at least I will learn how to do it with the project I still have in the back of my mind!

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