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This blog page was initially created for a graduate course, ETC...and as I ponder this adventure, it will also be a process to continue my professional growth and research as an educator in technology. Welcome along on my journey as I begin this next technological feat!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 2: Think Out Loud PPP

I have no idea what to do.  Since this is a think aloud and it is late, I will try to think, but I really do not know where to take my project.  The hard part is that this is not the project that I started out doing.  Due to district constraints and an administrator who does not understand technology I had to go to plan B.  It worked out, and I am happy with my project and I learned a lot.  But to decide whether to present it or to submit it to a scholarly journal is truly a difficult decision.  I am not teaching the same population this year, nor can I implement much of what I have been working on over the last year.  This is the quandry I face.  I guess at this point I am leaning towards writing up a paper, but who knows what tomorrow may bring!! 


  1. Kathy, Publishing vs Presenting is not an easy decision. You had no choice but to adapt and respond to the situation you were in last year. (Which you did courageously!) I wonder if a practical journal for teachers might be a good fit? I was looking at "Leading and Learning" because it seems like something I myself would want to read! :)

    Even the title and focus of the journal might coincide with your CBR project. You were trying to lead the way with technology at your school. I'm sure there are many other teachers out there who deal with similar types of administrative barriers. I think you could have some powerful things to share from your experience.

  2. "Successfully" going with plan B is .... well, it's an important skill worth sharing.