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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 2: Comment 1

A Way to Communicate

Original Post:  @Barry Roth  
Bottom of Form
While my Action Research Project was far from what I had initially imagined it would be, I think that much of what I learned would be valuable to educators. The experience provided a new path for professional development. 
My project was an attempt to increase membership and involvement in a professional organization, the Sacramento Region of Computer Using Educators (CapCUE), but the learning that I accomplished had reach far beyond that of my ARP. While little growth occurred within CapCUE, I began to involve myself in the Twitter world, and gained a great appreciation of the professional benefits. The constant flow of professional development was dumfounding. With little effort my list of followers grew–and this is with very few tweets. Several retweets and mentioning people in my posts resulted in people contacting me via email and personal messages, relationships that fostered professional growth and support. I believe that presenting on my learning around professional applications of Twitter rather than solely focusing on my ARP would be of interest to educators.
I’m not sure the best path to take–conference presentation or a journal article. I feel that a presentation could be best–truly dialoguing with teachers about needs, and demonstrating how creating a professional Twitter presence would open up opportunities for them.

My comment:

What I find interesting about your project Barry is how it has evolved beyond the project itself.  This is what I feel Full Sail’s true mission is, to lead us in one direction, but the path is not really straight, and we may not truly know where it may lead us.  I need to check out your Twitter world!  I am not a big fan of Facebook, maybe it is a good business/networking tool, and so I have stayed away from the social networking arenas.  Reading your blog tonight has made me realize how short sighted I have been, and I realize that I need to look at Twitter with a different reference point, and probably look at Facebook differently as well.  Thanks for some interesting things to ponder!

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